Jen Toth is a digital illustrator and fashion model with a big heart for local haunts.

Like many, Jen spent most of the 2020 quarantine looking for ways to get out of her head. Inspired by the comradery in her community of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, she began scribbling local landmarks, bringing brick and mortar buildings to life through a mixture of watercolor and digital technology. Through clean lines and seductive curves awash in saturated hues, her whimsical illustrations capture the beating heart of each New York City borough.

Though she took an interest in sketching as a young girl, it was sartorial design sketches she witnessed on the job that made her fall in love with form. Today the self-taught artist is driven to explore other cities, and with this new medium, Jen hopes to embrace new communities and look for ways to give back.

“I see a city of strivers and survivors, where ideas are brought to life, and people from all walks of life walk